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Our vision for a
sustainable future

Fingerlime Hill is ideally situated at South West Rocks on the scenic North Coast of NSW  amongst a hinterland of lush river valleys, sub-tropical bushland  a coastline of sparkling beaches.   North Coast New South Wales is known for its natural wonders, relaxed lifestyle and lots of warm sunshine.

At Fingerlime Hill we are passionate about bringing to market unique permaculture farm produce that have a minimal impact upon the environment. The focus is on totally natural products, grown and produced without the necessity of pesticides, thereby conserving, protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems.  In amongst the pristine bushland of Finger Lime Hill we have planted produce that is optimally suited to the sub tropical climate.  This includes Fingerlimes, Taro, Dragon Fruit, bush tucker plants such as Davidson Plums, Lemon Myrtle and Lilli Pilli. Our plantings are assisted in their pollination by our bee hives.


Fingerlime Hill is in a totally private, beautiful bushland setting that is only minutes away from local shopping facilities and the beach at South West Rocks.  The development of the Fingerlime Hill creative space is underway where you will be able to undertake workshops in blacksmithing, woodwork, stone splitting and carving as well as artistic pursuits such as resin art, fluid art as well as glass fusing & slumping.

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