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Our Sweet Heat Honey Chilli sauce is a fermented chilli sauce.  This sauce is comprised of a blend of at least eight differenty varieties of Chilli, such as cherry chilli, long Thai red, birdseye, purple prince, cayenne, red jalapenos, etc. to acheive a classic chilli sauce with a medium level heat.  We do a salt ferment with the chilli mash and a small of amount of Red Miso (to add the umami), for a year before we brew it up with the vinegar, our delicious bush honey, roasted garlic and mustard seed. This makes for a sauce that has a medium level of heat but with depth of flavour and complexity.

Sweet Heat - Honey Chilli Sauce - 150ml

  • We brew the chilli sauce in small batches so you can be assured that it is always fresh.  We recommend a best before date of two years and to refrigerate once opened.

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