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Finger Licking Good - Honey Soy Rib & Wing Sauce

For glistening, sweet, sticky ribs or wings the Finger Lime Hill Honey Soy Rib and Wing Sauce will soon become a family favourite (as it is in our home).

It can be used as a marinade on meat for stir fries as well but our favourite recipe is below:

1kg of ribs (pork or beef) or chicken wings

1 Jar of Finger Lime Hill Honey Soy Rib & Wing Sauce

Place chopped ribs or wings in a pot with water to cover. Cook at a rapid boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Pour off all but 2cm of liquid in the pot.

Pour in a jar of Finger Lime Hill Honey Soy Rib & Wing Sauce and bring to the boil then reduce heat until simmering. Simmer on a very low heat (approximately 15 to 20 minutes) until the liquid in the pot has reduced and sauce is thickening,stirring occasionally. Sauce is reduced enough when it coats a spoon without running off.

Serve with rice and steamed greens.

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